Maintenance and Repairs


Here is a handbook to make a house a home.  We have made a 2-part guide to living safely & happily in 1625ip accommodation, and you can report a repair through the link below.

Make your house a home

A 2-part guide to living safely & happily in 1625ip accommodation.

A guide for your housing, with information on how to create a safe and comfortable space, how to care for your accommodation and what to do in emergencies. Something to refer to as your first point of call for all your housing needs! Use the contents page to refer to each section. Each section will have what to do in different scenarios and who to contact if an issue arises.

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During office opening hours, please tell your Support Worker, or call Kingsley Hall on freephone 0800 731 72 13 (or 0117 317 8800)

Or, email, please attach a photo if you can

Or, fill out this maintenance request form

To report an emergency repair (see Priority 1) if the office is closed, contact the appropriate number:

Problem Contact Telephone number
Gas Leak British Gas 0800 111 999
Flood Bristol Water 0117 966 5881
Other Emergency 1625ip Out of Hours Number 0117 927 6600

1625ip aims to ensure all properties owned or managed by us are in good condition and well maintained. Please report a repair as soon as you can. When you tell us about a repair, we assess it to decide what the priority category is, and what the response time should be. Below are some examples of different repairs and how we might assess them.

Priority 1

Within 24 hours such as emergency repairs, health & safety and security repairs

Examples include:

  • Insecure property – there’s a danger people can get in
  • Health and safety hazards
  • Gas escapes
  • Total loss of light or power
  • Only toilet facility not working
  • Possibly loss of heat in winter months
  • Major leaks
Priority 2

Urgent within 5 working days (5 working days so not including weekends and bank holidays)

Examples include:

  • Lighting failure to one room
  • Minor leaks
  • Loss of hot water
  • Toilet not working correctly
  • Glazing broken (not causing security or H&S concern)
Priority 3

Routine within 20 working days (20 working days so not including weekends and bank holidays)

Examples include:

  • Fixing a dripping tap
  • Painting/decorating works
  • Kitchen cupboard door repairs
  • Replacing the silicone round a bath
  • Broken TV aerial