Relationship Building

Positive and healthy relationships and friendships with
other people are really important. They enable us to feel safe and are good for our wellbeing.

However, some relationships are positive, and some might not be. Many of the young people we support have experienced difficult relationships; the most common reason for a young person to become homeless is through a breakdown in a family relationship.

If you are a young person, we will talk to you about your relationships and help you to build positive relationship building skills. This can include family, friends, partners, housemates, neighbours, teachers, social workers, employers, colleagues.

of young people were supported to remain with their family, through our Bristol Youth MAPS service, preventing them from entering the homeless pathway
of our Peer Educators felt better able to work with others, following their training
of young people who were involved in our Engagement & Learning work felt better able to work with others


The biggest difference is having someone there when you need them. Someone you can rely on and someone who listens.
1625ip got me supported housing and helped with reconnecting the family, it has really helped
I was lost and I didn't know what to do, Bristol Youth MAPS was the first step and they started everything going, like First Response and contacting my school. I don't know what I would have done otherwise.