Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

We know that we are not all the same, and that is our biggest strength.

We understand that when people are supported to feel respected and be included, they will be more successful and independent.

As a charity that supports young people aged 16 to 25, we strive to influence positive change, celebrate diversity and be proactive and intentional about inclusion.  We know that some of young people face more inequalities than others, creating barriers to engagement and more significant challenges.

We’re making a conscious effort to reach all young people and make sure that they feel safe and supported whilst in our care. We’re working to help young people who experience the greatest inequality to be more involved in 1625ip’s work, to feel empowered to use their voice to influence positive change.

We are led by young people, colleagues and board members who have lived experience of inequalities.

Download our 2023-26 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy (EDI) Strategy here.

Our journey ahead

We are on a journey to address inequalities, increase the diversity of young people, colleagues and board members, to strengthen our leadership and ‘level up’.

We aim to be proactive and intentional about inclusion, to meet young people where they are, and put in place support to remove barriers and support engagement, for example:

  • Making adaptations for disabilities and neurodiverse and physical needs

  • Offering a bursary scheme to minimise or remove physical or economic resource barriers

  • Adapting to embrace a range of cultures and languages

  • Addressing digital exclusion and digital skills poverty

  • Colleagues attending diversity training and specific training focused on particular diversities

  • Working with organisations such as the Diversity Trust and SARI to support equality, diversity and inclusion work across the charity and involvement of colleagues

  • Ensure accurate data and a management group to ensure our equality, diversity and inclusion action plan is delivered, with responsibilities for this across the organisation

  • Understanding where there are barriers to engagement.

  • Addressing underrepresentation by targeted engagement with diverse communities and groups

  • Working towards national standards to support diversity and inclusion


If you need support, please contact us or find support from these charities and organisations