Reese’s Story

What was the presenting issue?

Reese was referred to Reboot 2 in late 2021. Reese has learning needs and requires day-to-day support, although he is an independent and confident young person. He was working as a kitchen porter in a care home on the weekends with some shifts during the week, but as his passion is playing cricket he wanted to get weekday work to allow for playing on the weekends. Reese had applied for a full-time 12-week employability and personal development course to start in late Feb 2022, and wanted to get work during the week in time for the summer cricket season.


What did we do?

The coach has provided long term and consistent support through Reese’s journey. This has taken the form of assisting enrolment to the Princes Trust course through joined-up working with Reese’s old PA and the course leader. The coach ensured Reese felt prepared to start his course through regular meets and went into his place of work together to negotiate hours as they were not sustainable during full time education. They also kept in regular contact with the course leader, and arranged two joint meetings with Reese, themselves, and the course leader, half way through the course and in the final week. These meetings provided Reese with space to identify any areas in which he needed additional support from the coach. In the final week of the course Reese applied for a job at Bristol Royal Infirmary and had an interview, which he discussed with his coach before and after. Reese and the coach made plans for if he was successful or not, so Reese felt like he had a clear and positive path forwards no matter the outcome.


What strengths did the young person demonstrate?

Reese has displayed a remarkable willingness to throw himself into new situations and challenges despite the difficulties this may bring. The coach noticed that even though sometimes Reese was feeling stressed or nervous about things (such as negotiating hours with and eventually quitting his previous job to prioritise studying), he was able to sit with this and act in accordance with his values. He recently passed his course with 100% attendance and received a glowing reference from his work experience provider, with Reese achieving top marks in all areas. This evidences his drive, commitment and work ethic.


What difference did our intervention make?

Reese has articulated at many points how he feels supported by his Reboot coach, and was able to approach challenges feeling confident and knowledgeable. The coach facilitated a smooth transition from work to education and back to work, making sure Reese was equipped with the skills and held accurate expectations of the processes he was moving through. Joined-up working ensured Reese had consistent support from different professionals, and he has developed a positive, trusting, and productive relationship with the Reboot coach. These factors have made it possible for Reese to move towards his values based goals of being able to play cricket and spend time with his family on the weekends, and develop his skills and confidence through new experiences.


What did Reese have to say about the support he received? 

“My work with my Reboot coach has been helpful in increasing my confidence and having someone to support me during and after my college course”