Sleep Out 2023 tips

How to make the most out of your fundraising 

Say cheese!
A photo really does say 1000 words. Use photos that connect people to what you are doing. If you’re participating as a team, why not snap a group selfie? Share a snap of you packing your overnight bag. Even better, why not film a video talking about why you are fundraising for us?

Spill the tea.

Sharing on socials? Make sure to include a little bit about why you’re fundraising. You might share what the cause signifies to you or what the charity’s mission means to you. Little insights like this showcase your care and dedication, plus letting others know why you are involved lets others know that 1625 is a great reason to donate!

Ask nicely.

We know it can be tricky to ask people for money in the current climate. However, studies have shown that people still want to give to worthwhile causes. You are fundraising for a good cause that you care about. You’ll be surprised at how many people want to support you, and even a little bit goes a long way! For those who can’t, why not ask them to share your efforts instead by liking and sharing your social media posts or signing up to our enewsletter?

Keep your eyes on the prize.
A target not only provides motivation to keep your fundraising, but it also means that you can keep the momentum going for the people who are donating to you! We recommend a target of £200. If everyone who takes part in Sleep Out reaches this fundraising goal, we’ll hit our £40,000 target!

As a bit of bonus motivation, we’ll also be offering prizes on the night to the highest fundraisers (individual and teams), so keep up the good work!

Spread the word.

Share your fundraising page. Post it on social media, send it to your neighbourhood WhatsApp group, or even put it in your email signature! The more people see it, the more people will donate. Don’t forget to keep sharing as you get closer to the date. It will help remind those who intended to donate but have not gotten around to it yet.

Where your fundraising goes…

As a charity, we rely on the donations we receive from our amazing supporters like you. Your fundraising means we can continue to deliver expert support to young people by:

  • Providing safe and stable housing
  • Supporting them to manage and overcome childhood trauma
  • Building their confidence in order to thrive as an independent adult
  • Supporting them to secure and sustain employment, education and training
  • Encouraging them to build healthy relationships

Two people lying in sleeping bags smiling and giving a thumbs up.

Packing List

Jess, our fundraising and events officer, has created a handy video below with tips on what to bring with you on the big night:

Essentials (what you will definitely need to bring with you):

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillows
  • Roll mat/yoga mat/camping mat/layers of cardboard
  • Layers of clothing – vest, leggings, thick socks, long sleeved t-shirt, jumper, joggers, thermals are ideal!
  • Hat, scarf, gloves (we will be selling Sleep Out beanie hats on the night if you want to treat yourself!)
  • Waterproof* cover, big enough for you and your sleeping bag. This could be a large bin bag, a small tarpaulin, a sleeping bag cover, several waterproof coats, or similar.
  • If your mat isn’t waterproof*, then you’ll need something to put underneath as well.
  • Any medication you need to take in the evening/night/morning
  • Glasses/contact lens solution and case (if you need them, obviously)
  • Torch/Head torch
  • Bank card – Sleep Out is a cashless event
  • Large secure bag to put it all in

Optionals (what will be nice to bring, but not necessary):

  • Hot water bottle (we will have hot water available all night)
  • Keep Cup/Thermos (Complementary teas from Bird & Blend will be available all night, and we’ll have a Roam Wild Coffee visiting us first thing in the morning. We will also be selling 1625 Keep Cups on the night too, you lucky thing!)
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Midnight snacks. We will have food vendors until 10pm and pastries from 6am, but bring something in case you happen to get peckish in the night!
  • Face wipes/deodorant/mouthwash/hairbrush/clean pants & socks – particularly if you’re going straight to work the next morning
  • Hand sanitiser – we will have some available around the site
  • Ear plugs and eye mask
  • Phone charger cable and charging bank

Please do not bring:

  • Anything glass
  • Alcohol – we will have a bar on site
  • Recreational drugs – we do have a disco, but this isn’t a rave
  • Children or pets**. They’d probably prefer to be in the warm at home anyway.
  • Tents, Gazebos, Parasols or large umbrellas
  • Camping Stoves/Heaters/BBQs/etc
  • Knives or other sharp objects, unless medically necessary


  • Check everything before you arrive. You really don’t want to find something living inside your sleeping bag or what you thought was an inflatable pillow is something a little more explicit.
  • Please don’t overpack. We have limited space at the venue to store everyone’s items.
  • Please don’t bring any valuables. We cannot be held responsible for anything that is lost, damaged or stolen.
  • It is better to be to be too warm and have layers you can remove, than too cold and not have enough layers (yes, your mother was right).
  • If you have any medical conditions which you think we should be aware of, please just drop us an email –

*As much as we’d love to, we cannot guarantee a night free from rain. We have a wet weather plan in place and will keep you updated with the weather in the run up to the night. In extreme circumstances, we do have the right to cancel the event for your safety!

If we are lucky to have a dry night, you’ll find that you’ll still wake up a bit dewy, so some waterproofing is always a good idea.

** Service animals are allowed (as long as they don’t snore 😉)