Equality & Diversity


Equality is about challenging discrimination, promoting inclusion and equal opportunities.

Diversity is about respecting and celebrating the differences between people and creating a culture where everyone can participate, thrive and be themselves.

We want to make sure that no one is discriminated against because of their: –

• Age

• Sex

• Gender identity

• Sexual orientation

• Race, ethnic or cultural origins

• Religion and belief

• Disability

• Marital or civil partnership status

• Pregnancy or maternity status


More than this, we also want to make sure that our services meet the needs of people from all groups and that everyone feels welcome and understood at 1625ip.


So, as part of our Equality and Diversity commitment, we will:

Listen to and understand the diverse needs of all young people at 1625ip to make our information and services accessible and inclusive

Address all allegations of discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation from colleagues, young people, or contractors we use

Make sure people who experience any form of abuse, harassment or discrimination get the support they need

Promote good relations between young people from different backgrounds

Review the diversity of our workforce to identify areas for improvement and set ourselves equality goals

Make sure equal opportunities is built into how we recruit and treat our workforce

Measure our progress


If you think you are being discriminated against in any way, please talk to your Support Worker or ask to speak to a Manager.