Our Affordable Housing projects 

16th June 2023

A safe and stable home with a low level of support for young people in education, training or employment.  

Young people who become homeless may struggle to stay in work or finish their education, and housing may be too expensive or unstable.

We aim to give our residents time to achieve their goals so that they can move into sustainable, better-paid employment, making it less likely they’ll become homeless again in the future.

Our tailored support programme means there’s someone there to talk through and explore their options, helping them develop the skills they need to live independently. 

Some of our residents’ achievements: 

  • Started university 
  • Started or completed apprenticeships
  • Got into full-time work
  • Completed college courses giving more career opportunities 

We have 26-bed spaces across Bristol in shared accommodation. Rents currently start at £298 a month, inclusive of all bills. 

Residents can normally stay for a year, receiving support to get them ready to move on to private rented accommodation.  

You can apply for affordable housing with us if you: 

  • Are 16-24 
  • Have been in education or employment for at least six months
  • Can manage on a day-to-day basis e.g. keep yourself safe and make your money last
  • Will be ready to rent privately within 12 months
  • Can live safely with other people
  • Have goals for the future 

Support includes: 

  • Personalised career action plan 
  • Budgeting 
  • Advice on how to be a good tenant and get on with housemates 
  • Move on housing options
  • Health and wellbeing

Applicants must complete a housing interview and, if accepted, must attend three pre-tenancy training sessions to go on our waiting list for housing. We provide floating support to young people on our waiting list.  

Apply for Affordable Housing here

Or contact Hannah Green for more information at 07717200197 hannah.green@1625ip.co.uk

Feedback from Affordable Housing residents 

“This service made a massive difference to me, you gave me support and were there for me when I needed someone who wasn’t involved, like my family were.” 

“I feel way more independent now. Living here has really helped me feel I am capable of doing things myself.”



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