Heritage exploring at 1625

4th November 2021


We gathered on a rainy evening inside the offices of Kingsley Hall.

We shared our interests in the project, we played games to explore how we describe locations in Bristol, we debated – do places have their own identities or is it our relationship with them that defines them?

We discussed the hierarchy of spaces, how we mark and celebrate what we consider important landmarks or places that need protecting.

We explored the building; we got creative and imagined stories behind some of the more unusual parts. Tom shared a presentation on the crumbling wall in the blue room, what if it is actually the landscape of a far away planet?

We thought about the important themes or questions that we want to explore in this project, and even started to decide- HOW SHOULD WE DO THIS?

Some key questions and quotes that came out of our workshop:

‘Youth culture is as important as tradition’

‘Pretty is as important as a warehouse, when we think about what makes Bristol Bristol!’

‘Safety is the important thing to consider- the spaces that make us feel safe- which could be where we feel we belong- are the places we should be protecting.’ 

‘Local people are aware of the personality of a place, not developers- they are who should be asked in any consultation.’ 

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