About our new look

17th June 2021

Why we decided to refresh our look and why this is important

We have been working over the past 9 months to develop our new website. We have given our logo a fresh lick of paint and developed our branding to be more young person friendly.

Our new website and revised branding will support us to communicate and engage better with young people, supporters, colleagues, and the wider community of support.

The impact of the pandemic has prompted us to shift our focus to the benefits of digital support to young people. This is a major step in the journey.


How do we look different?

The colours and arrow in the revised logo reflect the strengths and positivity in our work with young people. The arrow signifies the drive to keep moving forwards, despite inevitable setbacks.

We’ve introduced a brighter colour palette to reflect the fun and vibrancy of youth.

We’re using a new range of personalised illustrations for 1625ip to reflect the diversity of young people and to be part of the trend of using illustrations in design.


What’s new on the website? 

We understand the importance of having a website that is easily accessible on laptops as well as mobile devices. It is clear and easy to navigate for young people, and it is more intuitive and on-trend to respond to young peoples needs.

Our new website can be translated into many different languages to support inclusion in our work.

The impact of the pandemic meant that digital communications to young people are more important than ever before. We have created an online space for young people we support to see what is going on at 1625ip and to manage their tenancy with ease and independence.

We have more automated services, cutting costs for the charity, and increasing our engagement with young people and supporters.

There’s a lot of new features for everyone to enjoy – some of the highlights are:

  • Young people and referral organisations can ‘Get Help’ much easier
  • Young people can pay rent online
  • Young people can fill in a maintenance request form online
  • Young people we support can easily enquire about EET support
  • Young people book on activities for participation, engagement and learning
  • We can easily share stories about young people
  • It’s much clearer to see ‘what we do’ and the positive impact 1625ip has
  • We have a ‘Knowledge Hub’ where we share our Toolkits, and offer places on our Training
  • It’s now easy to fill in an online form to sign up as a volunteer
  • Our fundraising campaigns are easier to see and get involved in


Who was involved in the work?

External support came in the form of specialist agency, ‘Grizzly’ based in Bristol www.wearegrizzly.com

“We’re super excited to see the new 1625ip website go live and come to life! The Grizzly team have really enjoyed working closely with 1625ip over the last few months on developing the branding and identity of this inspiring charity and enhancing their online presence further.” – Jamie, at the Grizzly team

Young people were involved throughout the development. For example, we received feedback on our old website, and we heard what young people want to see in a new website. We took this on board, and then consulted with young people on the new branding and got feedback on the website at it’s various draft stages. By working with young people in the development, we know it communicates to young people in the best way.

The website would not have been possible without the support and input from colleagues, the Strategic Leadership Team and the Board.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this!


What’s Next?

This new design lays the groundwork for us to be able to do some more digital communications in the future.

Contact us at comms@1625ip.co.uk if you have some thoughts to share.

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