1625ip and Golden Key offering reflective practice training

4th January 2021

In 2021 we are delighted to offer you reflective practice training courses, in partnership with Golden Key.

There are two courses:

  • Developing and expanding reflective practice in your organisation: This training will provide participants with an understanding of what reflective practice is and how it can support your organisation.
  • Reflective practice facilitator skills training: This training will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to facilitate reflective practice groups in their organisation.

Keep a look out for upcoming newsletters promoting these.


We received very positive feedback on the first training course, and look forward to offering more in May and June of 2021.

“The facilitators made the group feel very safe, bonded and comfortable. This made the training very enjoyable and stimulating. I would fully recommend this training to anyone who is keen to develop reflective practice sessions and to feel confident in facilitating.” Reflective practice facilitator skills training

“I highly recommend this training for anyone who is keen to develop RP and understand how this fits into creating and building a trauma-informed service.” Developing and expanding Reflective Practice in your organisation


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