Celebrating Volunteers Week; our volunteers stories

20th February 2019

Find out what it’s really like to be a 1625ip Volunteer from our volunteers’ experiences!

Meet Katharine, Young Ambition Mentor

Why do you volunteer?
I wanted to volunteer as I have experienced difficulties in my life but have been lucky enough to have support around me. I wanted to use my experience to help and be there for a young person that doesn’t have support.

What volunteering role do you hold with 1625ip?
I’m an Employment, Education and Training mentor on the Young Ambition Project which means I can provide a reliable and positive role model for a young person. I use my work and life experience to encourage my mentee to seek out opportunities they may not have thought about before and help them to explore these.

What do you like most about 1625 up as an organisation?
I love the fact that this is such a positive, proactive charity that looks beyond the initial issue of housing for young people in need and looks at things from a holistic view. The help and support given by caring, passionate staff is truly inspiring and heart-warming.

Meet Hannah, Young Ambition Industry Expert

What attracted you to volunteering with 1625ip?
I wanted to use some of my skills from working in Human Resources in a way that may be useful to young people who face barriers to getting work.  Having met some of the staff from 1625ip I have been so impressed the organisation and the way they work that I knew it would be a good fit for me.

What have you gained from volunteering at 1625ip?
It has opened my eyes to the challenges that young people can face and given me confidence in a difference area to my day to day life.

What are your thoughts on the training and support offered to you as a volunteer at 1625ip?
The training at 1625ip was really insightful and I learnt a lot about myself as well as how to communicate well with young people. I feel that if I ever had any concerns, there is support at 1625ip to help with that.

Meet Rose, Board Member

Why do you volunteer?
Having worked predominately throughout my career in a sector which is driven by the need to overcome the current housing crises and rising levels of homelessness, I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to support an organisation with shared values, the work undertaken by 1625 in providing both housing and support services for young people is invaluable.
What do you like most about 1625ip as an organisation?
The sheer passion and commitment I have witnessed during my time with 1625 by staff is absolutely phenomenal and incredibly infectious, 1625ip is an organisation with a fantastic culture and passion for what they do.

Meet Tony, Community Mentor

How would you describe volunteering with 1625ip to a friend?
Mentoring youngsters can be like living those moments again while trying to stay calm. A learning experience, always rewarding.

Why do you volunteer?
I remember those who prepared me for what I shied away from or didn’t know was coming. They helped me have a long, exciting life by avoiding the worst while going for the unknown. They gave me faith in humanity and myself, and I hope to help others in similar ways. 

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