Informing Futures; The toolkit can be used by any individual or organisation wanting to learn more about working with ‘PIE’ (Psychologically Informed Environments) and trauma informed working or about working with young people who have experienced the care or custody systems  It offers a toolkit of free resources, information and guidance.

Young people have told us that they experience a lack of understanding from adults in all kinds of everyday situations. From GP practices to the Jobcentre, from employers to schoolteachers – many professionals come into contact with young people experiencing difficulties but may have little insight into how their experiences make it difficult for them to engage in the same ways as some of their peers. The resources in Co Produced Resources were designed with young people, and focus on building confidence and skills in colleagues and organisations.

The toolkit also provides resources for those considering service design, with independent evaluations of all aspects of the work undertaken as part of the Future 4 Me project – an award winning innovative project, funded by TNCLF, which worked directly with 16-25 year olds with experience of care and custody over a 7 year period.

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Better Conversations with DNA-V is a pack of 65 cards to help you develop your understanding and use of DNA-V in your work with young people. This supports practitioners in learning the DNA-V model in-depth, introducing a range of activities and common situations that arise in working with young people, and suggestions of how to respond through the lens of the DNA-V model. It is aimed at practitioners who already have a foundational understanding of the DNA-V approach.

DNA-V (Discoverer, Noticer, Advisor & Values) is a psychological model designed for supporting young people to thrive in life. It is structured around principles from ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

We have been using these cards to support young people impacted by homelessness to navigate their life, discover and work towards their values, and live they life they want!

The card pack is made up of 65 cards and is divided into 5 themes: The DNA-V Model, Principles, Approaches, Activities, Situations (common situations which occur in working with young people).

The card pack has been co-produced by Reboot West, 1625 Independent People, Dr Louise Hayes and Dr Duncan Gillard.

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Values Cards

This 35-card pack of Values is a brilliant tool for supporting young people towards identifying and working towards what is most important to them. Each brightly, coloured card contains one Value, with a clear, definition to enable young people to relate in language easily accessible to them.

The Values cards are great for those who enjoy visual and/or activity-based learning and support. The Values cards can be sorted, prioritised, added to, or subtracted from and used in a multitude of activities that have been developed to explore Values.

These cards are aimed at practitioners who already have some knowledge of DNA-V and values-based work with young people. They are fun, vibrant and aim to be used with young people in an experiential way.  They come in a handy box so you can keep them -well – to hand!

We’ve been using this card pack in our team to support young people impacted by homelessness to navigate their lives, discover and move towards their values, and live the lives they want. We can say they are tried and tested and so helpful we developed the pack to share with you.

The 35-card pack of Values can be used independently, or as the perfect complement for the 65-card Toolkit. In the Toolkit you’ll find plenty of ideas on how to use Values with young people and many activities to try out.

These cards were developed by 1625 Reboot West in collaboration with Dr Louise Hayes

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Ask Us is a partnership between 1625ip, Bristol Law Centre and Bristol Citizens Advice, helping young people access local services, understand their rights and work towards independence and improve services for young people.

As part of the project, we have will have developed two toolkits: Visit site

Support workers – Good practice in giving effective information
Advice workers – Good practice in advice work with young people

The contents of these toolkits have been developed through our experience of helping young people to navigate the busy and complex worlds of advice, information and support. We have taken feedback from the young people, support workers, advice workers and have brought emergent themes together. As is often the case in learning – we have often learned most when things have not gone well.

The focus of the action plan and strengths based question on recentering the service back on the strengths of the client is particularly helpful.”

“It definitely provides a good framework on which to develop our service to be more open and approachable to young people.”


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Cash Pointers

Cash Pointers is a project that ran for 5 years helping young people learn about financial capability. We know that having some stability with money can be a lynch pin to accessing other opportunities in their lives and having a safe and secure home.

The learning from the project has resulted in a helpful Cash Pointers Toolkit. It is an essential guide that any support worker can use with young person.