What is the History of Kingsley Hall and why is it so Important?

Kingsley Hall is a Grade II* listed building in Old Market, Bristol’s medieval marketplace and a nationally important conservation area with over 60 listed buildings from the medieval period onwards.

Built in 1706 on a medieval plot, Kingsley Hall has served the local community in many different ways and has significant historical links with the city; a Conservative Club in the late 1800s, the Hall became the headquarters of the Independent Labour Party, opened in 1911 by party founder Keir Hardie. The Hall has played an important role in the city’s history of social change, from hosting meetings of the Suffragettes and women’s rights, through to debates about working conditions, housing, gentrification, and the World Wars. Now as home to 1625, Kingsley Hall continues to provide huge social value with a critical role in our community, supporting young people who are homeless, leaving care or at risk of homelessness.

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