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Supported Lodgings

In South Glos we run a supported lodgings scheme for young people, aged 16 – 25 years old. It provides accommodation with support in a private house, with a trained host. The scheme is aimed at young people who are in education, work or training but who are not yet ready to live independently.

Supported Lodgings can be an important step on the route to independence for the young people who use it.  The aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for young people to negotiate the difficult transition to adulthood and move towards independent living.  It enables young people the opportunity to take on more responsibility for looking after themselves with the knowledge that support is on hand.  We aim to give young people the opportunity to unlock their potential and achieve successful independence.

South Gloucestershire Supported Lodgings Scheme is run by 1625 Independent People and commissioned by South Gloucestershire Council.

What is supported lodgings?

During the young person's stay, the supported lodgings host will offer support with practical skills like cooking, cleaning and shopping, encouragement and guidance to the young person in their care. Along with providing a safe living environment, hosts also provide a listening ear, positive regard and guidance to encourage the young person to develop their skills and grow. 
Support for the hosts is provided by the 1625ip Supported Lodgings Coordinator. Hosts are supported to build a trusting relationship with the young person, set and maintain positive boundaries and encourage young people to claim their independence.

For young people, additional support will be provided by a Support Worker, PA or Social Worker, focusing on their individual needs, including independent living skills, education and  employment opportunities and health. 

Why supported lodgings?

The young people we work with have often had very challenging home and family lives. Some of them come from care backgrounds and have moved around many times in their lives. They may not know what it means to be part of a family or may have lost their own because of conflict. 
Research has shown that support with practical tasks, such as cooking, budgeting and food shopping can be more effective when delivered in a family or home environment.

Who can be a host?

We would like our hosts to be from a variety of cultures and lifestyles and we encourage families, couples and single people to apply. We welcome applications from people of any employment status, home tenure, gender, sexuality, race and faith; the most important thing is that you are committed to helping a vulnerable young person develop and sustain their independence.
Does this sound like you?
Not judgemental 
Up for a challenge 
Welcoming and encouraging

Could you provide a young person with the following?
A room of their own
Their own front door key
Use of facilities including kitchen, bathroom and living rooms
A safe and welcoming home environment
Advice and support on practical skills like cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry and using public transport
Encouragement to make and sustain positive choices in their lives


How long will the young person stay? 

This will depend on the needs and abilities of the young person and how quickly they develop their independent living skills while staying with the host. This maybe a few months, while for others it would be longer - potentially up to two years. The young person will be supported with move on ensuring it a positive and planned experience. 

Is Supported Lodgings like foster care?

Supported Lodgings is similar to foster care, in that a young person lives in someone else’s home. However, unlike foster care the Supported Lodgings Host is not the young person’s legal guardian or parent and will not “care” for the young person as they would for a foster child.

Hosts try to promote the young person’s independence. Take laundry as an example:
  • A foster carer would commonly wash a young person’s clothes. 
  • A host would explain patiently how the washing machine works and how to read the washing instructions on items of clothing, and then to leave the young person to complete the task for themselves, reminding them if necessary.

What can hosts expect from 1625 Independent People?

1625 Independent People provide ongoing support for hosts through the Supported Lodgings Coordinator. 
Comprehensive training and ongoing development opportunities 
Out of Hours  telephone support 
Regular meetings with the Supported Lodgings Coordinator 
Peer support network for hosts

Want to be a supported lodgings host?

Contact our Supported Lodgings Coordinator, on supportedlodgings@1625ip.co.uk.

Need support with your housing situation?

If you are 16-25, living in South Glos and need support with your housing situation, please get in touch with our South Glos team to discuss the different options, such as supported lodgings, that may be available to you.


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