Supported Lodgings in South Gloucestershire

3rd February 2023

Could you provide a stable, caring environment for a young person whilst providing well-being support and advice? We run a Supported Lodgings Scheme in south Gloucestershire, which helps young people aged 16-25 to move into independence by placing them with a supportive host family for 6-24 months.

Supported Lodgings is a great first step if you’re thinking about becoming a foster carer. It can give you the skills, experience, and training to help with fostering applications whilst providing young people with somewhere safe and supportive to stay. In addition, as a Supported Lodgings host, you can access much of the continuous professional development South Gloucestershire Council offers foster carers.

For more information about becoming a Supported Lodgings Host – contact us at:, 0117 969 5763, or check out our FAQ section below.


How long will the young person stay?

Depending on the needs and abilities of the young person and how quickly they develop their independent living skills while staying with the you, it could be 6-24 months. During this time, you will support the young person with their move on, ensuring it is a positive and planned experience.


Is Supported Lodgings like foster care?

Like foster care, the young person will live in your home. However, you will not be the young person’s legal guardian or parent. You will not “care” for the young person but rather promote their independence. For example, instead of washing a young person’s clothes, you might patiently explain how the washing machine works and provide support in completing this task if necessary.

What can hosts expect from 1625?

1625 will provide ongoing support, including:

  • Comprehensive, ongoing training and development opportunities.
  • Out-of-hours telephone support.
  • Regular meetings with the Supported Lodgings Coordinator.
  • Peer support network for hosts.

Other benefits of becoming a host include:

  • The knowledge that you have provided a young person with a safe, encouraging space in which they can learn the skills needed for independence.
  • The opportunity to be a positive role model to a young person who may not have had a healthy, mutually rewarding relationship before.
  • Often hosts go on to remain friends with their lodgers long after they have moved out and grown up.

Are hosts paid?

You will receive an allowance for being a lodgings provider of up to £160 per week. Payments will generally be made directly into your bank or building society account.

The young person living with you will also pay a £15 per week service charge towards the cost of food, heating, lighting, water etc. The young person will give this directly to you.

This means a total weekly income of £175 per week.

 (Please note that individual circumstances may incur different tax calculations, hosts are advised to explore their specific situation during the application process).

Will my benefits and Council Tax be affected?

If you are claiming state benefits payment, Supported Lodgings must be declared as it could be considered as income, affecting your eligibility. It is advisable to check with the appropriate benefits office.

Will I have to pay tax?

You may be eligible for care relief. For more information, please visit the government website. The Inland Revenue Office can also provide more information.

Do I need to be a Homeowner?

You do not need to own your own home. We have previously had hosts living in rented and social housing. We recommend contacting your housing provider to obtain an agreement to become a supported lodgings host, which we can help with if required.

We advise that you inform your mortgage lender if you are a homeowner or your landlord if you are a tenant.

Will my house need inspecting?

The Supported Lodgings Coordinator will carry out property health and safety checks.

The young person will need:

• A room of their own.
• Their own front door key.
• Use of facilities including kitchen, bathroom and living rooms.

Will I need insurance?

You will need to inform your buildings or contents insurer. South Gloucestershire Council’s fostering Insurance will cover you for things like public liability insurance.

Will there be training and support?

In addition to a financial package, we also offer regular training and support to help you learn how to deal with issues facing young people. We also provide regular support and guidance, including reflective practices, meet-ups with other hosts, and home visits throughout the placement.


You will have access to 1625 Support Services which helps young people with their mental and physical health, education, employability and other needs. The young person will also have a support worker, and the Supported Lodgings Coordinator will be on hand to offer help if any issues arise. 


As the Host, you have the final say about what you are and are not prepared to accept in your home. However, part of your role will be helping the young person to learn from their mistakes in a safe and supportive environment. We want to encourage young people to take responsibility for and understand the consequences of their actions and make amends where possible.


The scheme operates a Warnings Procedure to address any breaches of the Licence agreement by the young person. On occasion, it may be necessary to ask a young person to leave the Supported Lodgings scheme if they continue to breach the License Agreement.

What if my circumstances change?

If something changes in your life whilst you are applying to be a host or whilst you have a young person in your home, we need to know as soon as possible. For example, we may need to complete a new DBS check if you have a new partner or move the young person to a new placement if you are moving house. If the change means you will no longer be able to be a host, we will find the young person a new placement within four weeks.

Supported Lodgings Form

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    This could include qualities or interpersonal skills you feel you have, and/or professional or lived experience. Please consider the role description when answering this section. Please state if you have acted as a mentor or coach before.

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    We work with young people spread out across South Gloucestershire, including in Yate, Kingswood, Patchway and Thornbury. Some young people may wish to also spend time in Bristol.
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  • We want to ensure that our workers, volunteers and clients are not placed at risk. As 1625 Independent People meets the requirements of exempted questions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, certain roles may be required to undergo a check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Offences do not necessarily mean that your application will be turned down. We give careful consideration to providing opportunities for ex-offenders.
  • 6. DISABILITY / Access Requirements

  • 7. Volunteering Diversity and Inclusion Monitoring

  • • We are committed to make sure all our Hosts are not discriminated against on the grounds of protected characteristics. By providing information about yourself, you will help us adhere to equal opportunities best practice and to identify any barriers to diversity among our volunteers. You do not have to answer all the questions but the more information you give, the more effective we can be. All information is treated in the strictest confidence. be. All information is treated in the strictest confidence.
  • Disability Definition The Equality Act 2010 states “A person has a disability if they have a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.” We fully support the social model of disability and we recognise that people with different impairments or medical conditions can experience different barriers.
  • I confirm that the details I have given in this application are accurate. If my application is successful I understand that any false statement or failure to disclose information may result in the end of any position offered to me.