Reinstating the Hall

The area of Old Market, specifically Kingsley Hall is an
iconic piece of Bristol’s longstanding history.

Many of the buildings in Old Market suffer from neglect as a result of the centuries they have been standing, however, the actions of local conservationists together with grant-aided schemes in the wake of its declaration as a Conservation Area in 1979 have done much to arrest the decline.

Old Market is now thriving bohemian shopping quarter amongst architectural delights. Known to locals as Bristols ‘Gay Village’, many of the shops are LGBTQ+ friendly with monthly events and international festivals.

The restoration of Kingsley Hall will provide a springboard for YP to improve their lives, connected to its rich history of positive social action. Our consultations with young people have shown their interest in issues such as social justice, campaigns for women’s rights and anti-racism, migration, passing down stories and objects and exploring their own heritage.



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