All 1625 young people will have the organisation’s drugs rules explained to them when they start using our services

We will make it clear to you why the drug rules exist and make it clear what the consequences are if you do not follow the rules

All our staff are expected to follow our Drugs Policy and Procedure at all times


What do the rules cover?

Possession of illegal and controlled drug (such as, Cannabis Nitrous Oxide, Cocaine, Diazepam etc)

Use of illegal and controlled drugs

Storage of illegal and controlled drugs and drug related items

Growing of illegal drugs

Supply of illegal and controlled drugs



You are responsible for your visitors and their behaviour

If we have concerns about any drug-related activity by your visitors, we will act against them and you


If you are not sure what our rules mean to you, please discuss them with your Key Worker, coach, or any team member as soon as possible.

1625 does not condone illegal drug use, but we do operate a ‘Harm reduction’ policy.

What does Harm Reduction mean?

Harm Reduction means that at 1625, we don’t discriminate against those who use drugs, and we don’t expect anyone to stop using drugs overnight. We will try to help you if you’re worried about the effects drugs might be having on any part of your life, like your health, housing, money, relationships, job, or education.

If you use drugs, we can support you to:

 Reduce or stop using drugs if you’re ready

Use drugs more safely
Look after your health and wellbeing
Get any drugs information you need
Keep your accommodation
Get help from other agencies

I’m not using drugs, so what can I expect?

We will listen to you about your concerns and deal with any problems you have due to other people’s use of drugs

We will respect the confidentiality of other young people

You have the right to expect that if other young people use drugs, they do it in a way that doesn’t affect you or your visitors.

Should I tell a worker if I’m using drugs?  


Being honest with your worker makes it easier for them to support you. You don’t have to tell your worker anything that you don’t want to, but if you do, we can help by

Listening to your concerns and helping you think about your options
Getting help from specialist drugs agencies
Helping you get support with your health, wellbeing and staying safe
Helping you budget your money

If I tell a worker I use drugs, who will they tell?

Other workers in the team
Anyone YOU tell us you want us to talk to about your drug use

BUT if we think you or someone else is at risk of serious harm (including an unborn child) because of your drug use, we might tell another agency to help protect that person. We will always try to ask your permission first unless it is not safe to do so.

What if I am not ready to talk to a worker about my drug use?

We recognise that you may not be ready to talk to us, but you may be ready to seek out advice & guidance, and you can do that from any of these sources:

Talk to Frank – talktofrank.com
Off The Record – https://www.otrbristol.org.uk/
Bristol Drugs Project https://www.bdp.org.uk/
Release (drugs A – Z) – https://www.release.org.uk/drugs-law/drugs-a-to-z
Withyou https://www.wearewithyou.org.uk/
Your GP or another professional

I am currently using drugs. What is expected of me?

If 1625 staff or other professionals working with you become aware of you using illegal drugs in the property or your local areas, we have a duty of care to try to help you and prevent harm. In some circumstances, we have a legal duty, and this may mean that we must inform the police.

Do not supply any drugs (illegal or otherwise) in or from where you are living or your local area.

‘Supplying’ means selling, giving, sharing, or asking someone to look after drugs (this includes prescribed medication). If 1625 staff, or other professionals working with you believe you are doing this, we are legally obliged to act to prevent this from happening. This may mean that we inform the police.
You could lose your accommodation if you continue to use illegal drugs in your accommodation or if you supply drugs from your accommodation or in the local area. It will also have an impact on future move on options.

Some advice:

If you are sharing a property, keep any prescribed drugs locked in your own room
Dispose of any sharps, such as needles and razors in a sharps bin and dispose of them properly
Don’t leave any drugs or drug-related items, such as needles, lying around where they may present a hazard to others
You are responsible for the behaviour of any invited guests or visitors. Don’t let others have or copy your keys
You must ensure that other people do not use or supply drugs in or from your property

Anything else I should know?

Used needles– do not touch needles left lying around by someone else. Get advice from your worker on what to do
Appointments with your Support Worker – if you have an appointment with your worker or know they are coming round we expect you not to not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Informing us about dealing – if you tell us that someone else is supplying drugs we will keep your name confidential but we will act on the information