Moving on From 1625ip Accommodation


We do not provide long term accommodation. Our contract with the council means we aim to help people move on from our supported accommodation within limited time periods, which is different depending on where you live, ranging from 3 months to one year.

Support with moving on

You will be given help throughout your time with us to develop the skills you need to move on and live more independently. To help with this we will talk with you about other organisations, friends and family who can continue to offer you support once you leave our services.

You will also get the chance to attend Move on Training (MOT) which will help prepare you for more independent living. Attending this short course demonstrates to future landlords that you would be a good tenant (you get a certificate for completing each session).


Housing options

 Your support worker will work with you to explore your future housing needs. Your options for moving on will depend on lots of things – for example your level of need, the availability of housing, your financial situation and history, e.g., if you have rent arrears, where you want to live and your engagement in work or education.

Your support worker will help you to understand your options so you can feel confident about making the right choice for your future.


Different housing options include:

Renting somewhere from a private landlord, maybe with friends

Bidding for housing association and council properties through Home Choice

Returning to live with family or other relatives

Other supported accommodation


Please understand that

You are expected to move to suitable alternative accommodation – this may include shared, or private rented accommodation. It is not possible for you to stay here until you get offered a council or housing association flat, as there is not much council or housing association property, and the waiting lists are very long

If you are offered suitable, alternative accommodation (which may include shared housing or private rented accommodation) and you turn it down, then you may be given notice to leave. In the licence/tenancy agreement, this is one of the reasons why people can be given notice and asked to leave

You are expected to work with your Support Worker to gain appropriate move on accommodation as soon as possible.

You are expected to also look for move on accommodation yourself which will also include private rented accommodation.

We can help you to find a deposit and rent-in-advance to rent from a private landlord.