Uma’s story

What was the presenting issue?

It was identified that Project Grapevine would benefit from more confident and experienced members of the IPA attending. The design of the project depended on young people coming together and connecting but it was approaching those who had been isolated and were perhaps nervous coming out for the first time, so having friendly peer faces was really important. The peers also identified it was important for them to have increased social connections and supporting grapevine would be a good chance to do this.


What did we do?

We supported the young people to set up project grapevine. We set up a subgroup of interested IPA members to design it and discuss what role peers would play. Uma was instrumental in this and made key decisions about boundaries and how best to support others. We helped create the WhatsApp group from her ideas.


What strengths did the young person demonstrate?

Uma was a key designer in the project, showing an understanding of others’ needs. She was confident and articulate when expressing her opinion but also worked well with others to find a compromise. She was dedicated to seeing the project through and came along to support even when she was very busy. She used her own social skills to support the group but remained honest about her needs. She showed a strong understanding of the importance of supporting this project.


What difference did our intervention make?

It helped support many young people and has helped them grow in confidence. Uma’s work helped many attend and feel welcome. Uma herself has expressed gratitude for the project and the positive impact it has had on her own wellbeing.


Can the young person provide us with a quote?

‘I heard it through the grapevine. I know it’s about time, to get out of isolation, now I’m spreading grapevine round.’