A young mother holding a baby. They are both similing.

Olivia’s Story

Olivia* is a young person who had a life-changing experience with 1625. When she first came to the 1625, she was shy and anxious, avoiding interactions with her support worker, Emma. However, Emma persisted in offering her support, recognising the potential in Olivia. She was a single parent, taking care of her child alone.

With the help of 1625, her confidence began to soar. Emma praised her for her commitment to breastfeeding, even during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This encouragement made her feel proud and inspired her to consider helping others. Building a strong bond with Emma, she achieved significant milestones that seemed small to others but were monumental for her personal growth. Overcoming anxieties and stepping out of her comfort zone, she enrolled in college with the support of 1625, although it didn’t work out due to childcare limitations. Undeterred, she was motivated to explore new opportunities.

Through Emma’s guidance, she found employment at a pub, embracing the desire to work again. Unfortunately, circumstances changed when they discovered she was pregnant and had to leave the job. Nonetheless, she was determined to be productive and secured a job with a nursery through an agency, all while completing training on the side. Emma continued to provide unwavering support and reassured her that it was okay to work at her own pace. When she decided it was time to take maternity leave, she expressed her interest in starting a personalized gift business. Emma encouraged her to research and develop a business plan, and with the support of 1625, funding was secured, allowing her to start working from home.

Olivia expressed immense gratitude for the incredible support and opportunities provided by 1625. her children were her priority, and with Emma’s assistance, she was able to provide for her family. The support enabled her to begin their entrepreneurial journey, nurturing her passion for crafting and personalized gifts.

Looking towards the future, she plans to continue honing her craft, building her business from home, and achieving financial stability to create wonderful experiences for her children. She wished to maintain her connection with 1625, acknowledging that she still had much to learn and overcome. Although she had become more independent, she sought ongoing support to manage her anxieties and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Summing up her experience with 1625, she expressed profound gratitude and reflected on the tremendous personal growth she had experienced, feeling closer to becoming the person she had always aspired to be.

*Name changed for privacy.