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Katie’s Story

Katie* has been in care since a young age and has an extensive history of childhood trauma. When she first came to 1625 earlier this year, she was not in education or employment and struggled with budgeting and her mental health. She suffered from depression and self-harmed due to a challenging relationship with her mother.

“I was depressed, I was very bored because I wasn’t in college or doing anything. I didn’t get out the house much.”

Developing a strong connection with her Reboot West coach she gained confidence in expressing her thoughts and feelings. During their sessions, they discovered the positive impact of being outdoors on her mental well-being. Katie also shared her passion for pursuing a career in working with animals. With her Reboot coach’s guidance, she successfully applied for college and secured a work experience placement at a city farm.

Katie attended budgeting sessions with a member of the 1625 Participation and Learning team to help her become more financially independent. Furthermore, she applied for funding for college supplies and secured a free bus pass to ensure affordable transportation to college. Her Reboot coach accompanied her to a meeting at the Job Centre to ensure continuous support from Universal Credit as she transitioned into full-time education.

“It gets me out of house a lot more. The budgeting session with Rory was fun.”

When Katie was unexpectedly asked to leave her accommodation, her Reboot coach contested the decision and successfully advocated for her to stay. With his assistance, she filled out a housing referral form, reached out to local housing providers, and attended a housing assessment. As a result, she was accepted by a supported housing provider and could move into more stable accommodation. Sam also helped her to apply to use her Personal Health Budget to buy the items she needed for her new home such as furniture, bedding and cooking equipment and helped her move.

Her Reboot coach provided valuable support for Katie’s mental well-being by developing a safety plan that included distraction techniques if she felt the urge to self-harm. Additionally, he arranged a doctor’s appointment for a repeat prescription for anti-depressants and encouraged her to take advantage of a free therapy referral.

In the future, Katie aspires to achieve the stability of homeownership and envisions a family with children and pets. A career working with animals is her passion, and with the ongoing support of 1625, she is making significant strides toward realising this dream.

*Name changed for privacy