Charlie’s Story


What was the presenting issue?

Charlie came to SGH after his parents asked him to leave due to caring responsibilities that caused pressures within the family home, which meant he was not able to contribute to the household income. Charlie then spent time in emergency accommodations and crash pads. Charlie was a full-time carer for his brother and had a learning difficulty himself. Charlie’s brother was living in emergency shared accommodation which Charlie had to walk to every day to help him. His brother’s accommodation was unsuitable for his needs and Charlie was struggling to fully support his brother due to this.


What did we do?

Firstly, we helped Charlie apply for Carers Allowance and Universal Credit to maximise his income and give him the knowledge of the benefits system and his entitlements, Charlie then used this gained knowledge to help his brother apply for the appropriate benefits too. We referred Charlie to Carers Direct for further support with being a carer and to help him and his brother with their needs. Charlie then spoke to his brother who gave us consent to speak to his support/housing workers.

We managed to prove the unsuitability of the current property his brother was in and got him moved to more suitable accommodation. We successfully applied for a bursary to help buy Charlie bus tickets, waterproof clothes, and a backpack, so he was more able to support his brother, carry his belongings around, and have appropriate clothing for the weather. We proved Charlie was his brother’s carer, and therefore a key worker, so he could carry on supporting his brother in the accommodation during the pandemic. Charlie’s goal was to live with his brother so he could be his carer and have some respite, without having to travel long journeys every day to do this. We compiled evidence, made a case, wrote to the council, and successfully managed to apply for the brothers to live together via HomeChoice. Charlie was then moved into a suitable temporary accommodation with his brother whilst they are waiting for their council house together.


What strengths did the young person demonstrate?

Charlie showed a lot of resilience and admirable caring qualities towards his brother. He woke up at 4 am every day, went to Mosque daily and then cared for his brother until 10 pm every evening. Charlie showed a strong sense of community and family, he had friends and members of the community he went to for support, and they would go to him for support and advice also. Charlie always engaged with support and key work sessions, he asked for help when he needed it, and was able to identify his goals and work towards them.


What difference did our intervention make?

Our intervention meant that Charlie was able to live with his brother, be a carer for him, get the appropriate support with this, maximise both his and his brother’s incomes, be closer to his support network and community, and know that he has a voice and will be listened to.