Comfort In Chaos!

1st اکتوبر 2021

Comfort in Chaos was premiered in Bristol on Saturday 18th September 2021 at the 1532 Arts Centre, and it was a brilliant performance.

“This evening was treading a tricky path, both presenting an unflinching first-hand insight into difficult and painful topics and yet holding on to messages of hope and resilience in the face of overwhelming personal and social problems. Trickier still, perhaps, was the task of creating a musical soundtrack that could stay true to both those narratives. That by the end of the gig we felt both deeply moved and yet very glad to have been there says a lot for the craft and sincerity of the poets, composers and musicians involved.”

It brought together two contrasting musicians/composers for their first collaborative project, working with two young poets, Jj and Danni Willey, who have been supported by 1625 Independent People.

You can read the longer review here: Review: Comfort in Chaos/The Invisible Apples (

Just in case you were unable to make it you can they can re-live what we experienced here, by buying a CD or download



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