Young people are the reason we exist, we believe in their potential and want them to thrive into adulthood.

Lots of the young people we support have spent their lives in care, experienced relationship breakdowns with caregivers and many have suffered from poor mental health.

We hope that by sharing their stories, they inspire you as much as they inspire us.

Names and photos have been changed to protect identities.

Ali’s Story

Ali was one of the initial intake of Unaccompanied Asylum seekers back in 2016, he had previously spent over 6 months in an adolescent psychiatric unit, but recently he had been doing very well, he had moved into his own Homechoice flat and had found work for a temp agency and was managing to change

Max’s Story

What was the presenting issue? The presenting issues Max had was around a lack of routine in his life. Max had moved around a lot in his early life due to being in care and eventually when he had his own space in supported accommodation he fell into a habit of sleeping very late and

Bethan’s Story

What was the presenting issue? “When I first started, I was not myself. I didn’t want to socialise with people, I didn’t want to do anything… I was a ghost. Domestic abuse meant there was no meaning in life for me”. Bethan wasn’t working, was on benefits and had moved in with her mum after leaving

Reese’s Story

What was the presenting issue? Reese was referred to Reboot 2 in late 2021. Reese has learning needs and requires day-to-day support, although he is an independent and confident young person. He was working as a kitchen porter in a care home on the weekends with some shifts during the week, but as his passion

Uma’s story

What was the presenting issue? It was identified that Project Grapevine would benefit from more confident and experienced members of the IPA attending. The design of the project depended on young people coming together and connecting but it was approaching those who had been isolated and were perhaps nervous coming out for the first time,

Charlie’s Story

  What was the presenting issue? Charlie came to SGH after his parents asked him to leave due to caring responsibilities that caused pressures within the family home, which meant he was not able to contribute to the household income. Charlie then spent time in emergency accommodations and crash pads. Charlie was a full-time carer