End Youth Homelessness launches film showcasing impact of Transforming Futures Programme

20 فروری 2019

103,000 young people sought help from their council as they were homeless or at risk of homelessness in the UK last year[1].

The Transforming Futures Programme, funded by the H&M Foundation and launched in 2016, supports vulnerable young people to break the cycle of homelessness by helping them into work.

To date, 1625 Independent People has supported 125 young people in Bristol on their journey to accessing employment, education and training opportunities.

To celebrate the success of the programme, a film following the inspirational journeys of 3 young people who received support is being released.

[1] Centrepoint (2018) Making homeless young people count: The scale of youth homelessness in the UK

The film follows the inspirational stories of 3 young people, including Jess, who received support from 1625 Independent People on the Transforming Futures Programme. Through the dedicated mentoring, understanding and support of her Job Coach Mark, Jess successfully enrolled on a college course and secured regular voluntary work experience. The film produced by Amity Films identifies the necessity of dedicated education, employment and training provision for vulnerable young people, and the overwhelmingly positive impact this can have in helping turn a young person’s life around.
The programme delivers a specialist employability scheme that helps formerly homeless young people in Bristol into work. It incorporates tailored one-to-one support; a bursary scheme aimed at breaking down financial barriers facing young people in accessing education, employment and training pathways; and a digital careers platform that offers instant expert advice for employment opportunities. The programme is funded by the H&M Foundation and delivered by four UK charities– 1625 Independent People, Aberdeen Foyer, Benjamin Foundation, Roundabout – all part of UK-wide movement End Youth Homelessness, launched by Centrepoint.
“We are so inspired to see the young people in the Transforming Futures programme achieving their goals and moving themselves out of homelessness. Accessing education, employment and training are essential steps towards an independent life and we are happy that the donation from H&M Foundation is contributing to giving the young the tools needed to move onto a sustainable future with a home and a job of their own.” says Carola Tembe, Program Manager, H&M Foundation.
46% of homeless young people say that not having the right qualifications is a barrier to getting a job and 42% say that not having the right work experience is a barrier[2]. Homeless young people are also some of the most marginalised and socially excluded in the UK. Unstable families and experiences of sleeping on the streets leave them with complex issues. By helping young people into education, employment and training as well as equipping them with life and work skills, they can obtain the tools they need to build sustainable futures.
“Homelessness in young people leads to extremely detrimental effects on their employment prospects and economic stability, but also their confidence and self-belief in reaching their ambitions. We believe that everyone has the right to achieve their full potential, and to thrive as independent adults. Funding from the H&M Foundation allows to us leverage the skills, strengths and talent in young people and gives them the confidence to believe in themselves. Through the Job Coach support with training and skills development, young people can gain the tools for sustaining independence in the future.” says Dom Wood, CEO of 1625 Independent People.
“We are hugely excited for the release of this film celebrating the incredible impact that the Transforming Futures Programme has had on the lives of young people. Through this dedicated employment programme funded by the H&M Foundation, vulnerable young people have the chance to break the cycle of homelessness by accessing employment pathways that are crucial to building a successful future. We are so proud of the young people featured in this film for their achievements and their Job Coaches for their life-changing support, which shows how vital the Transforming Futures Programme is in helping young people escape homelessness for good.” says Nick Connolly, Managing Director of End Youth Homelessness.

[2] Centrepoint (2015) Supporting disadvantaged young people to earn or learn

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