Health & Wellbeing

Our mission is to support young people to be the best
that they can be. This means we want to support young people to stay safe, and look after their physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing by themselves.

Physical health can include things like sleep, healthy eating, exercise, medical treatment, sexual
health, support with smoking, drug or alcohol problems.

Mental health can include things like feeling depressed or suicidal, feeling anxious or overwhelmed, feeling unable to cope, self-harm, or feeling out of control.

If you’re a young person, we want to make sure you are safe and well. Your support worker will talk to you about your health and wellbeing and help you to achieve your goals around this. Your support worker will also help you to access specialist help, such as mental health support if that feels helpful.

of Care Leavers we support in South Glos were engaged in partnership work to support their physical and mental health
of the Care or Custody Leavers in the Future 4 Me project had mental health support


The biggest impact for me was having someone to chat to about what happened at home.
Mental health and well being has really improved, I've just been offered a job opportunity in care work