Work to explore Wayne’s values was transformational. “Before Adam, my Reboot Coach, I was a bit scared and thinking what am I gonna do, what am I gonna do with my life. But with Adam, he’s sort of modelling me to get a better life, pushing me in the right direction to actually enjoy life.”

Wayne has been involved with Reboot West at 1625ip for the last two years. He has issues around mental health and depression and has been struggling to find work due to his anxiety. His health and wellbeing were low priortities for him, he often resorted to staying at home, and did not look after himself very well.


What did we do?

The Reboot Worker’s first step with Wayne was to work on his health and wellbeing, using ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) which the Reboot West team specialise in. Together they did work around his values and established plans to would work towards these values, such as the value of fitness, so he attends the gym, and supportiveness, so he has volunteered at 162ip helping the recruitment of staff and volunteering with focus groups.

More recently, Wayne has begun volunteering at a food bank because he wanted to give back to them as they have helped him, during this Covid Pandemic, working towards his values. Wayne is in a lot better place and is looking after himself a lot better, and his anxiety has reduced.


What strengths did he demonstrate?

Wayne showed he has the ability to do things when given a chance. Support Workers and young people highly regard his opinion, and he can communicate and work well with others.


What difference did our intervention make?

Wayne’ health and wellbeing has improved significantly, as well as his prospects of finding work in the future as he is building up his CV with work experience.