A story of a young person developing through 1625ip’s opportunities for engagement and learning, overcoming mental health struggles, volunteering with 1625ip, and prevention of youth homelessness through Peer Education and peer mentoring.

 Caleb has come from a violent and unstable family life dealing with aggressive behaviour and his own gender acceptances. After needing the safety of social services Caleb has recognized and embraced his struggles by engaging in all support offered to him to improve and develop his life.


1625ip has opened up new opportunities for Caleb which have helped develop his confidence and to communicate and express his experiences in a  way that can help other young, Caleb has served and supported others his own age through attending housing meetings and development days, and he has been involved in recruitment of staff at 1625ip, he is a peer mentor, and a Peer Education advocate and a powerful voice for other young people. Through Peer Education, Caleb has educated young people in school about their rights, the realities of homelessness, and youth mental health issues.


Whilst dealing with intense mental health illness Caleb is confronting and winning battle after battle with gusto and inner strength. His greatest achievements have been expressing his issues of mental health through the arts, predominantly in two drama groups, one which focuses on youth mental health, and another which 1625ip partners with which raises awareness of the rapidly increasing problem of homelessness. He has overcome his fears of public speaking and performance and has taken to the stage like a duck to water.


Caleb’s enthusiastic presence spreads humour and warmth with a generous sprinkling of kindness and forgiveness. His relentless loyalty and keenness to make others life better through his performances, poetry and volunteering is something to be admired and his inspiration to others is a bright star that leads the way for those who only see darkness.


He says: ‘1625 has really helped and supported me to do the things I am passionate about and helped me to get into a better head space. It has really helped me manage my mental health I will not let it define me any longer’