“This course made me realise how much experience I have gained through volunteering and this reflection reminded me about how important youth work is to me.”

Bobby has identified that he would like to train in youth work because he would like to develop a career working with and supporting young people.

Bobby and his 1625ip Education, Employment and Training (EET) Coach met to look at options for training in youth work, and they identified a 12-week course with Southern Brooks. Funding was provided by Future Bright and 1625ip supported Bobby with discussions about travel plans, attendance days and study guides.

Bobby demonstrated determination by focusing on the goals of regular attendance and submitting his work on time. His tutor fed back that his work was of a high quality, and this demonstrates that Bobby has good study skills and can apply himself to complete tasks for deadlines.

Bobby says that having 1625ip support to reflect on his progress and learning was helpful. He said that this helped remind him that he was achieving and helped make him feel more confident about his place on the course.