Our Impact in 2020 - 2021

“In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we focused on getting all young people online. Digital access is so important to reduce isolation and to help young people get the support they need during difficult times. We also designed and created wellbeing packs to send out to young people, as we recognised the pandemic’s damaging effect on young people’s mental health, and we needed something to promote self-care and healthy methods of distraction.”

Ambassador Lead (on behalf of the IPA Board)

“In what has been the most unusual and challenging of all the years, I want to take the chance to thank so many people. I want to thank young people, our partners, funders, the Board, our volunteers and colleagues, for helping us to deliver increasingly stronger services, in an environment where, it is evident, that the impact we have is essential for improving young people’s lives.”

Dom Wood
Chief Executive





80% of young people were supported into accommodation with the highest appropriate level of independence

77% of young people improved their skills and confidence in relation to managing their accommodation

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Education, Employment & Training (EET)

59% of young people entered education, employment & training (EET) during the year

91% of young people made progress towards their EET goals

85% of young people supported by our Reboot West and Job Coach services sustained their EET placements

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Financial Capability

71% of young people developed or improved their financial skills

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Positive Contribution

204 people (including young people from within our services) made a positive contribution to 1625ip through volunteering

64% of people who volunteered or received support from a volunteer reported improvements in their confidence, skills and knowledge as a result

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Health & Wellbeing

87% of young people improved their health & wellbeing

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91% of young people built, developed, or improved one or more positive relationships or relationship-building skills

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OUR IMPACT IN 2020 - 2021

Take a look through the past year. We opened a new 18 bed 24 hour supported housing accommodation in Yate, providing much-needed accommodation for young homeless people and secured funding to continue our project, Reboot West in supporting young care leavers.

Equality & Diversity
51% Male
48% Female
1% Non Binary
Gender Identity
96% Cisgender
1% Transgender
3% Did not wish to disclose
84% Heterosexual
5% Did not wish to disclose
67% White
33% People from ethnic minorities
35% Disabled
63% Not disabled
2% Did not wish to disclose
Of those who have identified as disabled, these were split into the following categories:
74% Mental health
4% Visual impairment
24% Learning difficulties
2% Communication
11% Physical or mobility
2% Hearing impairment
9% Long-standing illness or condition
1% Other
8% Neurological



partnership highlights
We have established and strengthened several partnerships this year, and as a result, we have provided better support to young people.


We worked with Brighter Places, South Gloucestershire Council and young people to design and build a new supported housing scheme providing homes for 18 young people in Yate. The project will help meet a need in South Gloucestershire to provide additional support for care leavers, making up half of the residents.

Reboot West

Thanks to the successful partnerships in Reboot West, which have supported care leavers into education and jobs, we have secured continued funding for this from the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and the Youth Futures Foundation (YFF), which will not only continue this vital work but also to look at ‘what works’ and evaluate the impact into the future. Reboot West was also a finalist for the CYPN Awards.


We now offer a range of training to share our expertise in working in a psychologically informed way, relevant for a wide range of professionals, organisations and services. We had a very successful first phase of training, in partnership with Golden Key. Our training has been attended by local authorities, large and small charities, housing providers, infrastructure organisations and funders! Find out more here.


Our innovative housing partnership won the UK Social Housing Project of the Year at the Off Site Awards. Thanks to our incredible partnerships with Brighter Places, The University of Bristol, Bristol Student Union, Bristol City Council, Alec French Architects, and many more.

Informing Futures toolkit

This is for any individual or organisation wanting to learn more about working with ‘PIE’ (Psychologically Informed Environments), trauma-informed working or working with young people who have experienced care or custody. It offers a toolkit of free resources, information and guidance. Thanks to our partnership with the National Lottery Community Foundation. Find out more here.

"We want to thank all the amazing people who have supported us, from grant funders, partner organisations, businesses, community groups, individuals and everyone else. With your generosity in funding, skills sharing and time, we can give more support to young people".