Do you want to become a facilitator for Reflective Practice groups? This training provides participants with the skills and knowledge to facilitate Reflective Practice. The training is delivered by expert trainers and practitioners who bring their insight and experience to the sessions enabling you to have the knowledge and confidence to run your own Reflective Practice sessions.


Upcoming Reflective Practice training

Our most recent virtual training was delivered in May 2023. We will be scheduling more sessions for you to sign up to very soon. Watch this space….


This course will provide you with all you need to be an effective Reflective Practice Facilitator.

On this course, we will train you to:

• Understand what reflective practice is, and what it is not, and explore the benefits of reflective practice
• Develop the necessary skills to develop reflective practice successfully and safely within your organisation
• Understand the benefits and associated challenges of facilitating reflective practice

• Consider and use related psychological theory around reflective practice and group dynamics
• Enhance skills such as listening skills

• Practice facilitating and explore group facilitation with other professionals

1625 run a number of Reflective Practice Skills sessions both on a multi-agency and a commissioned basis. Dates of any multi-agency events are advertised on the website. Be alerted to these dates and tickets by signing up for our newsletter here.

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1625 also offer training and consultancy in Reflective Practice. We have worked in an advisory capacity for organisations on the implementation and development of Reflective Practice.
For bespoke training or consultancy, or Reflective Practice skills in-house, please email

Reflective Practice is recognised as a best practice tool in developing psychologically informed and forward-thinking services. Research demonstrates Reflective Practice enhances the learning of individuals, teams and organisations. It is also effective in improving staff well-being. You can read all about Reflective Practice and the benefits for your organisation here: Informing Futures – Reflective Practice.





What have attendee's been saying?

"I loved meeting other people who were engaged with, and believed in, the power of reflective practice. It was inspirational to practice alongside them."
"RP Fab training. Really helped to put into context what we are aiming to achieve in our own team and how better to prepare for group work/group dynamics. Really helped me to understand my role as a facilitator and what that might look like."
"I was inspired by the openness, warmth and realness that the trainers brought and by being part of the group."
“I feel I’ve got a much better understanding of RP than I did before and I feel more confident in my ability to lead it"