Meet the trainers

We offer a range of training to share our expertise in working in a psychologically informed way.

We are a group of leaders, psychologists and psychotherapists who work for 1625 Independent People and/or as part of the Golden Key Partnership in Bristol, working with adults and young people with complex needs.


Over the last 7 years, we have been involved in the implementation of reflective practice across our organisations, involving hundreds of staff from diverse teams, meeting at regular intervals to think, feel and learn together. We will talk in this training in more detail about what we’ve built in our organisations, and the benefits we’ve seen.

Ashley Ward: Ashley is a trainer and researcher. He is an experienced reflective practice facilitator, having developed reflective practice supervision programs and trained staff to facilitate reflective practice groups. He has worked as a trainer over the last 8 years in substance misuse, harm reduction, homelessness services.

Dawn Taylor: Dawn has over 20 years’ experience of leadership in the charity sector, mainly in the Violence Against Women and Girls Sector and Young People, Care leavers and Homelessness. She has developed and delivered various trainings. In her current role as Operations Director at 1625 Independent People, she has led the embedding of the organisations Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) framework, including delivering Reflective Practice groups on a peer facilitator model for all 120+ employees.

Meghan Joyce: is the Manager of Reboot West at 1625ip, supporting Care Leavers into education, employment and training. Reboot West uses DNA-v, the youth model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a developmental model designed to increase psychological flexibility in young people. Meghan has experience of both supervising support workers through using ACT approaches, as well as supporting coaches to embed ACT/DNA-V in their work with young people. As well as working with Care Leavers, Meghan has experience of working in prisons, gang exit intervention, and with people with learning disabilities.

Jeremy Woodcock: Jeremy is a qualified psychotherapist and has worked as a psychotherapist for over twenty-five years. He has also worked as a social worker and asylum lawyer working across multiple areas He has worked as a consultant for teams in the NHS, schools, and voluntary organisations. Since 2006 Jeremy has been entirely in practice at the Cotswold Psychotherapy Practice as a psychotherapist, supervisor, consultant, teacher and trainer, writer and researcher.

Michelle Desmier: Michelle is Clinical Psychologist, Systemic Practitioner and Supervisor. She has held various roles in mental health, substance misuse, young people’s services and the homelessness sector for the past 22 years and has a particular interest in Trauma Informed ways of working.

Tom Dunn: Tom has worked in the sector for over 15 years across various roles within complex needs, homelessness and youth work. Currently a Team Lead at Golden Key, he is an experienced training facilitator and holds 4 years’ experience of reflective practice facilitation.