Values Cards

This 35-card pack of Values is a brilliant tool for supporting young people in identifying and working towards what is most important to them. Each brightly, coloured card contains one Value, with a clear, definition to enable young people to relate in language easily accessible to them.

These Values cards are great for those who enjoy visual and/or activity-based learning and support. The Values cards can be sorted, prioritised, added to, or subtracted from and used in a multitude of activities that have been developed to explore Values. Values are a major psychological motivator and form part of the focus under the DNA-V Model; a model being increasingly adopted in organisations working with young people whether that be within community youth-work settings, education, mental health services, social services, or the criminal justice system.

These cards are aimed at practitioners who already have some knowledge of DNA-V and values-based work with young people. They are fun, vibrant and aim to be used with young people in an experiential way.  They come in a handy box so you can keep them -well – to hand!

We’ve been using this card pack in our team to support young people impacted by homelessness to navigate their lives, discover and move towards their values, and live the lives they want. We can say they are tried and tested and so helpful we developed the pack to share with you.

The 35-card pack of Values can be used independently, or as the perfect complement for the 65-card Toolkit. In the Toolkit you’ll find plenty of ideas on how to use Values with young people and many activities to try out.

These cards were developed by 1625 Reboot West in collaboration with Dr Louise Hayes

You can buy these Values cards for £9.99 per pack. 

Want to learn more DNAV?
Do you want to learn more about how to use DNA-V to support young people you work with? We offer a 3-day in-person training (or 4 x 0.5 day via zoom) where you will learn more about the DNA-V approach, how you can use it to support values-based working with young people in community settings. Contact us at