This 65-card toolkit supports working with young people in community settings, it describes how to use the DNA-V model to guide young people towards thriving!

DNA-V (Discoverer, Noticer, Advisor & Values) is a psychological model designed for supporting young people to thrive in life. It’s structured around principles from ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

You can buy the toolkit now for £24.99 or 10 for £199.99

We’ve been using this card pack in our team to support young people impacted by homelessness to navigate their life, discover and work towards their values, and live they life they want!

The cards are aimed at practitioners who already have some understanding and experience of using DNA-V, or ACT and are working ‘in the community’ with young people aged 16-25.

The card pack is made up of 65 cards and is divided into 5 themes:  The DNA-V Model, Principles, Approaches, Activities and Situations (common situations which occur in working with young people).

You’ll find a range of activities, games and fun ways of sharing the model with young people. All in a handy hard wearing box that you can chuck in your bag, in your car, or keep on your desk!

The card pack has been co-produced by Reboot West, 1625 Independent People, Dr Louise Hayes and Dr Duncan Gillard.

You can buy the toolkit now for £24.99 or 10 for £199.99

The DNA-V Model was designed by Louise Hayes & Joseph Ciarrochi – you can read more about DNA-V on Louise’s website, The Thriving Adolescent.

Want to learn more DNAV?
Do you want to learn more about how to use DNA-V to support young people you work with? We offer a 3-day in-person training (or 4 x 0.5 day via zoom) where you will learn more about the DNA-V approach, how you can use it to support values-based working with young people in community settings. Contact us at