Gaming for Good

4 – 10 March 2024

Grab your meeples, fill your bag of holding with snacks, and get ready for an epic week of board games and table-top adventures! Whether you roll dice or shuffle decks, there’ll be something for every gamer this week in March.

Host Your Own


Why not set up a tournament, asking for a donation as an entry fee? Or how about introducing a mechanic where donations can provide benefits such as allowing a player to change a dice roll, to peek at the top of the deck, to “un-do” an action – there are so many possibilities depending on the game!

A group of smiling people playing a game with wooden blocks.

Online with Tabletopia and NetGames:

Both of these offer online versions of well-known tabletop games so you can play with friends across the world.

Tabletopia offers a number of online versions of boardgames including favourites such as Wingspan, Scythe, Carcassone, and Everdell, as well as classics such as GO, Chess, and Bridge.

NetGames offers social deduction games such as One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Codewords, and Avalon which are great for large groups!

For Gaming for Good week, we have received a donation of several Premium Game codes, with one code required per group. To obtain a code for your fundraiser, please reach out to

A smiling person with their eyes closed holding a pencil and playing a game.

Join an Event:

4-10 March: All week, pop into Chance & Counters (Christmas Steps or Gloucester Road) for access to over 700 boardgames, delicious food, craft beer, cocktails and coffee, plus an opportunity to donate to 1625 Independent People!

6 March: Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons!

Where: Playground Coffee & Bar

Hosts: Rules of Play

Tickets: £15 charity donation gets you 4 hours of playtime and a d20 shot!

Email to book your slot, first come first served, pay on the night.

9 March: Explorers of Elsewhere Live Stream

Explorers of Elsewhere are a Bristol-based TTRPG Actual Play YouTube channel, returning for their third Gaming For Good livestream! This year, DM Dan and the Explorers will be playing three more games, all with game-influencing donation incentives!

NICE MARINES by Grant Howitt: Space Marines are immortal giants genetically engineered to be perfect instruments of war. However, support forces have not arrived following the recent liberation of Vannis IV, leaving you in charge of a diplomatic envoy dedicated to rebuilding after the conflict. You have no idea how to do this and you’ve got one solar week until your superiors arrive to inspect the city, so best get to it! 10.30am-12pm

SORCERER SUPREME by Andrew Harrison: Wizards are all-powerful beings whose magics can warp the very essence of reality, striding out into the world to use their sorcerous powers to help those who haven’t asked for it. Unfortunately, lots of wizards are utterly incompetent, with disastrous results. 1pm – 2.30pm

JASON STATHAM’S BIG VACATION DAMNATION by Grant Howitt: Jason Statham, international action movie superstar, returns for the explosive finale of the EoE JSBV trilogy. After a disastrous vacation to Southend, Essex, Jason Statham must now battle his way up through the Layers of Hell to escape the clutches of the Lord of the Abyss, Ross Kemp, all whilst evading fellow action film-star/nemesis. Wesley Snipes. 3pm – 4.30pm

Join EoE for some fun and chaos, all in the name of raising money to tackle youth homelessness!

9 – 10 March: Watch as the Heroes Wanted gang take on 24 hours of table-top gaming. 16 players, 4 x 6-hour segments. Your donations will alter how the game is played – anything is possible! Donate here and watch the chaos unfold here.

Three smiling young people wearing different hats playing a board game.

📸 Don’t forget to capture the fun!

Take photos of your gaming sessions and tag us using #1625Gaming4Good and don’t forget to use our handle @1625ip (X & Insta) or @1625IndependentPeople (Facebook).

Your contributions make a difference!

All money you raise will go towards supporting young people facing homelessness, leaving care, or who are homeless in Bristol and the southwest.