A Supported Lodgings host, Faye, provided life changing support for Nicky.

Nicky says ‘We talk about college a lot and uni and that sort of thing. Faye really good with helping me keep to my attendance. I let my attendance slip quite badly but Faye helped and will knock on my door and support me.’


What was the presenting issue?

Nicky moved into Supported Lodgings two years ago as they were in an unsustainable housing situation where they were living with parents who were not providing the care and support Nicky needed. Nicky had complex needs and was very vulnerable at this time, spending any money they had, regularly misusing substances, drinking heavily and being at high risk of being exploited by others. Nicky was planning to study art, but there were concerns that her living situation would not help her to maintain this. Nicky was a young person who really needed a stable place to live.


What did we do?

Nicky had needs that would usually mean Supported Lodgings would not be the right place for them, but their host, Faye, was willing to step up and provide an additional level of support to keep Nicky safe. Once Nicky moved into Supported Lodgings, Faye worked with them to build a relationship of trust and encouragement. Faye became very involved in supporting Nicky’ attendance at college. She advocated for Nicky to attend college, taking them into college or picking them up if they were struggling (something which Supported Lodgings hosts don’t usually do) and encouraging Nicky to feel that they can do coursework within the home environment. Faye also provides positive feedback and takes pride in Nicky’s achievements, which is amazing for Nicky’s confidence.

Additionally, we referred Nicky to our Reboot West project, to support Nicky with their college course and work with Nicky on their confidence and wellbeing.

In terms of finances; Faye has supported Nicky to be much better with money. Nicky would go out and have their generous nature taken advantage of, spending large sums of money on alcohol for them and their friends. Nicky was offered money advice through a 1625ip legacy project called Cash Pointers, but they chose to have one to one money support from Faye. Faye has helped Nicky budget for nights out, leaving their debit card at home and taking only a modest amount of cash out. This plus work by Faye with Nicky to help them budget to buy the food they need. This has helped Nicky to go from a position where they were regularly spending all their money and in arrears for the £15 per week Supported Lodgings service charge, to one in which they have saved over £1,000, which they plan to use to help them start university next year.


What strengths did the young person demonstrate?

Nicky has, despite many challenges, shown a determination to succeed, resilience and a willingness to change their situation for the positive.


What difference did our intervention make?

Our intervention has given Nicky a stable place to live and helped them have the confidence to remain in college. Because of this, Nicky has passed every year of their college course and is about to enter their final year. Nicky hopes to go to university next year to study art and, with Faye’s support, will be embarking on the application process this autumn. Our intervention has also given Nicky a better handle on their finances, which will mean they can better cope with the transition to university.