Brittany, a young single parent, was supported by her Floating Support Worker who walked ‘alongside’ her, and gave her the boost she needed.


Brittany presented at our drop-in to ask for support. Brittany was living in a mother and baby unit but had made an offer for a flat with another provider. Brittany wanted support around setting up home and getting the white goods and furniture that she needed. Brittany was a young single parent on maternity leave.


What did we do?

Brittany was very capable but was anxious about setting up a home and knowing how to transfer her benefits to her new address. Mainly Brittany needed help to call utility companies and ensure she was getting a good price. Brittany was not confident in her ability to do this on her own. Her Floating Support Worker was sure about how capable she was and encouraged her to take some steps independently, once we had done it together a few times. She also needed help to fill out forms to ensure she understood them correctly, for example, for housing benefit.

We applied for some grants for white goods. She managed to get some furniture from second-hand websites and with the help of family members.

Once Brittany had set up home, Her Floating Support Worker walked ‘alongside’ her for some time to ensure that she was managing her bills and providing emotional support when needed. When Brittany was due to go back to work following her maternity leave, we worked together to ensure that her benefit claims were up to date. By this time, she had more confidence to make some of the phone calls by herself and just ask questions when she got stuck.

She was very resourceful and was good at budgeting.

She also had ambitions to continue her carer as a nursery assistant and gain her qualifications while juggling being a full time Mum. She had incredible drive and positivity.


What difference did we make?

She built a strong relationship with her Support Worker, and this meant that Brittany felt able to talk about her mental health. Together they attended GP appointments so that she felt she had someone to advocate on her behalf, if she could not explain the way she was feeling. Brittany would use our support sessions to talk about the way she was feeling and sometimes this was enough to give her the boost she needed.