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Money Tree

Our Money Tree Project offers one to one support to help young people improve their financial skills and confidence. 

The Money Tree Coordinator and volunteers work alongside our support staff providing practical and informal education around money matters for young people. 

Money Tree is open to all young people in our supported accommodation and is all about young people taking control of their money. 

Young people have often told us they need much more support around money and this project offers just that.

How it works

Our trained community volunteers support young people with activities like opening bank accounts, personal budgets and understanding contracts for things like mobile phones. They can provide tips on how to save on utility bills and help applying for grants for things like furniture.

Volunteers are trained to deliver AQA unit awards in personal finance, resulting in accredited qualifications for young people. Our volunteers help young people to develop some of the skills and knowledge to live independently. 

Money Tree is funded by Natwest  as part of the 'Skills and Opportunities Fund'. 

More information:
Contact Puegee Lam, Money Tree Coordinator
0117 3178800 or puegee.lam@1625ip.co.uk

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