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1625 Independent People

We're a charity, not-for-profit, and a voluntary, non-governmental organisation which means we have to run our own ship.

We currently run 13 projects and services which help young people to reboot their lives.
Almost all of the money raised through individuals and businesses is spent on enhancing the very basic services which is funded by the Local Authority. The council pot available for dealing with youth homelessness and its effects is dimishing year on year. We cannot rely on this.

If we didn't find our own funding we wouldn't be able to provide the incredible level and quality of services we do.

We have to find money for emergency food supplies, volunteering expenses, confidence-building activities for young people, independent living skills programmes and advice and information services.

£57 supports one young person for one week.

You can read in detail about our work in the What we do section.

Income and spending

  • 45% of our income is from local authority contracts This pays for one to one support (roughly an hour per week per young person). It is NOWHERE near enough.
  • 40% is from rents and service charges (mostly in the form of Housing Benefits)   Most of this money is spent on property maintenance - but it doesn't cover it. We have two Maintenance Officers who look after over 75 properties. That includes emergency repairs and cyclical repairs. 
  • 12% is Big Lottery Funded  We run two projects which are solely funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Cashpoint  - a financial inclusion project and Future 4 Me which works only with young people leaving care or custody.
  • 3% is from Trust funds, individual giving, fundraising events etc


Not so sexy

It's hard to get donations for overheads because it's not very sexy and doesn't make for interesting funding campaigns. But without our running costs we can't keep afloat and we can't keep our staff trained to the high level that they are.

We often hear people say they want all the money to go directly to the people in need, but if we can't stay open and have good quality staff - how will we reach those young people in need? Food for thought...

If you want to support us to be here for the years to come, please consider giving a monthly donation. You can set it up easily and securely on the Independent People Just Giving page (opens in a new window).

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