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1625 Independent People

We're good at preventing youth homelessness, we don't run challenge events, but these guys listed here do!

Whether it's running, climbing, abseiling, eating stinging nettles, cycling or swimming you'll be helping young people overcome the challenges in their lives.

There are hundreds of challenge events to choose from all over the country, we haven't tried them all, so we can't vouch for them all, but here are a few classics and some rather unusual ideas to inspire you.

We can provide you with T-shirts, sponsorships forms, help you set up a fundraising page and give you good advice to make sure your fundraising isn't more gruelling than the challenge itself! The rest is up to you...

(All links will open new pages so you don't lose us)


Run for your money!

  Bristol 10K, Bristol Half, Ashton GateRun runbristol.com
  Bath Half bathhalf.co.uk
  Tough Mudder toughmudder.co.uk
  Mud and Sweat mudandsweat.com

On yer' bike...

  The Exmoor Beast exmoorbeast.org
  Ride It evanscycles.com/ride-it

Climb any mountain

  Lost Earth Adventures lostearthadventures.co.uk
  Adventure Cafe adventure-cafe.com

Eat your way to victory

  Dinner4Good Dinner4 Good
  Dorset Nettle Eating bottle-inn.net
  Dorset Chilli Eating greatdorsetchillifestival.co.uk

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