1625 Independent People

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1625 Independent People

Everyone's talking about Corporate Social Responsibility.
At last.

We're currently looking for Official Sponsors, Partners and Champions

One of the best ways for businesses to support us is to get to know us and then work out how we can work together to tackle the issues facing young people.
It starts with a conversation.

We like to develop relationships and we understand that it takes time. If you'd like to discuss how you can get involved please contact Luke Boulton, our Senior Funding Officer or call 0117 317 8825.

Sponsors donate, Partners fundraise for us and Champions give their time or services for free. You can of course, be all three!

Below are some of the companies we've worked with in the past.

GOLD Sponsors, Partners or Champions invest in the lives of young people to the tune of £10,000.





Official 1625ip Sponsors

These are business who have donated cash over £500.Reboot Sponsor Badge

Art Express (Rachel Goodchild)


Official 1625ip Partners

These guys have spread the word for us and fundraised over £500 each by doing all sorts of brilliant things!

Playmaker Services (Ryan James)

Tuffin Ferraby Taylor Consultants

Barclays Bank 



Official 1625ip Champions

Champions donate in kind - they give services or items worth over £500.


Playmaker Services (Ryan James)

Tuffin Ferraby Taylor Consultants

Trevor Lever Consulting Ltd (Trevor Lever) 

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