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What it takes to put on a "Sleep Out"

Monday 10 November 2014

A few cardboard boxes and car park?


Over the last few weeks we've been preparing to run the 1625ip Ovo Sleep Out at Bristol Temple Meads.
It's part of a National Sleep Out Campaign run by Centrepoint UK to highlight the plight of 80,000 young people who find themselves homeless every year in Britain.
It was a great success. We made a huge noise about youth homelessness and opened a lot of eyes to the issue and we also raised around £23K. We did good.

We think it's important for people to understand what it takes for a (relatively small) charity like 1625 Independent People to do something like this.

Firstly we couldn't have done it without the support and help of our "sleep out" partners OVO Energy and The OVO Foundation.  OVO were not interested in just stamping their brand on it and they were by no means sleeping! They were joint partners in every sense of delivering the event.
They helped us with planning, PR, staffing, set up, post event  - the real deal, not just a corporate sponsor who threw money at it. This was key for us as we don't have the resources to run an event of this size.

Just to give you a taste of what it takes and how many people were involved - below is a kind of  "Closing Credits" for the event.
If we've forgotten anyone  - we apologise  - we can/will add you! Send us an email and say "Oi! What about us!"  But hopefully we haven't forgotten anyone. 

A million thanks to all involved.... (in alphabetical order)
  • 1625ip and OVO Sleepers x 115 wonderful human beings
  • 1625ip and OVO Staff and Volunteers x 35 incredible people!
  • 1625ip Youth Board Members – keeping it real – Na, Lisha, Beau
  • Alide Hire –delivered and collected 2 10Kw generators at hugely discounted prices
  • An anonymous man who drove through the rain to donate to sleeper Luke and help him reach his fundraising target!
  • BBC Points West  - for incredible coverage!
  • BIG Issue SW - for free coverage and features
  • Bristol Rugby Academy Squad  - for coming down to show their support on the night and will do a collection at their next game!
  • Bristol Temple Meads  - Network Rail – provided the venue and kept us safe
  • Centrepoint UK – The opportunity to get involved in their campaign! The introduction to OVO. Sleepout bags, advice and support
  • Charlotte Coupland - Performer - dulcit tones kept the chill off and spirits high
  • Chris Panas  - Amazing photography capturing the event for prosterity
  • Clair Trick  - Overnight Security  - and she slept out!
  • Clear Prospects - Eye masks at trade price – essentials as we couldn’t turn the emergency lighting off!
  • Cllr Claire Hiscott  - for coming down and supporting the event
  • Deckchair Productions – filmed the whole event - start to finish
  • Eric the Magician - baffled our sleepers! Brilliant tricks and magic
  • Fareshare  - Cardboard boxes at the drop of a hat!
  • Forest – delivered 25m pedestrian barriers and 25 traffic cones to cordon off the site for free
  • FP Cartons Ltd - free off cuts of cardboard to stop everyone getting pneumonia from the concrete floor
  • Friska Food  - delivered fresh coffee, tea and breakfast baps for all the sleepers and crew  - one of which was their founder!
  • Hart's Bakery  - Bread to die for at a hugely discounted rate and then donated a load more!
  • Howlin' Lord - Performer -Mark's deep gravely voice was like having a warming fire right there
  • Jet Pack Films – timelapse photography  - can't wait to see that!
  • Jongor Hire  - discounted rates on tables/staging
  • Joni Lloyd  - Super Kitchen Souper-viser for the night
  • Lord Mayor for Bristol - for coming down to support the event and looking so fab
  • Lowrey UK – delivered and erected free fencing to keep us safe
  • Macoustic - Mad Apple Circus  - Performers - Rocked the stage and the people just before bed
  • Martin Pilgrim  - Comedian - kept us giggling with his "close to the bone" comedy
  • Matt Rodgers/Martyn Jones - Onsite Sparky’s for the night – keeping the power going even when it tripped – which it did several times! Unflappable support.
  • Mendip Toilet Hire  - 6 immaculate portaloos delivered and collected and then they made a donation too.
  • Metropolis Security  - provided 3 free security guards to keep us safe overnight
  • Naomi Rush  -Performer - beautiful voice - lulled everyone
  • One Love Breakfast Show - relentless coverage and fundraising on BCFM / UJIMA and they slept out!
  • OVO Energy - Joint event organiser (and all round amazing organisation) They also paid for the Friska breakfast, water bottles, wooly hats to keep everyone hydrated and warm.
  • Oxfam Stewarding Team – lent us two massive tea urns
  • Portland Brown  - for sponsoring their own team of sleepers :o)
  • Pukka Herbs – dropped off a load of free herbal/night time teas
  • Sam Tajdin – Free PA system and onsite tech help
  • Sian Evans (Kosheen) and Ron McElroy  - Performers -Started us off with an amazing bouncy set (came straight to our event from TEXAS!)
  • Studio 2 Printing  - banners and posters at discounted prices
  • The Coexist Community Kitchen  - Lent us big pots for soup!
  • The Legendary Barry  -Performer - giggles and songs kept everyone smiling and tapping their toes
  • The OVO Foundation - Joint event organiser  - AND they donated £5K!
  • Tom Morris - Senior Features Editor Evening Post  - Slept out and reported on it (heartwarmingly) in the morning

So  - as you can see - it takes a lot more than just a few bits of cardboard and a car park to make a good sleep out.

You can read more about how it went here 1625ip OVO Sleep Out Huge Success there are some great photos on the Independent People Facebook page  - check out #brizzz – there’s so much activity there -  it was awesome!

If you'd like to support 1625 Independent People in the future please read our our Support Us pages and help us make the difference we know we can.

If you have any queries about the Sleep Out please contact pilar.garcia@1625ip.co.uk 0117 317 8800

Thank you and sweet dreams.

If you see someone sleeping on the street  - don't just walk by.
Download this free app - Streetlink - streetlink.org.uk

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