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Unique Opportunity to Volunteer Overseas

Monday 26 October 2009

How does 10 weeks in Africa, Asia, or South America sound?

Platform 2 is a unique opportunity to volunteer overseas and then come back and creatively express your experience in your community. It's for people that wouldn't otherwise get the chance to help in a developing country so the trip is fully funded (some restrictions apply). If you are between 18 and 25, have (or are eligible to have) a UK passport and are resident in the UK, apply today and you could be volunteering in India, Nepal, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa or Peru. If you're accepted on to the programme, you will have a training day before your trip overseas; 10 weeks volunteering in one of the countries above with a team of other volunteers; then a three day residential on your return. This will include workshops and opportunities for you to figure out how you want to express your experience. More information If you are 18-25 (at the time of travel) and have/are eligible for a UK passport and would like more information please contact Josh at the 1625 Independent People office. Check out the Platform2 website (opens in a new window)

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