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Top kneepads and wellies

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Grow Club started up again today after slow Winter...

Today saw our first day back in the Grow Club garden after a long and lazy winter. We are clearly "fair weather gardeners", although the forecast for today was sleet, snow, cloud and freezing temperatures. Our valiant efforts were rewarded with a dry day and even a spell of sunshine! So we had a BBQ. And why not?

Despite it being a bit chilly we managed to learn about crop rotation, dig some compost into the beds, learn how to make wigwams for our beans and peas, plant some loganberries and currants, learn how to plant a bare-rooted tree, plant two apples and a pear, plus some rhubarb, courgettes and nasturtiums.

Just to pre-empt the rain, Martyn, our Maintenance Officer installed three huge waterbutts.

Not bad for a day that had "write off" written all over it!


Best bits...

Best moments were planting our first tree, seeing the BBQ fire up, Ed's homemade kneepad and Robyn's superstyling wellies.

Next time....

Ed and Ryan will be putting their hands to finishing the shelter. Andy is coming to help us build a concrete base for our outdoor pizza oven and we'll be planting whatever we can get to sprout between now and then... brassicas, tomatoes, peppers.

Thanks to everyone who came down, helped out and made the sun shine!

Check out the photos below...


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