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The future looks positive

Thursday 8 April 2010

Bristol City Council have awarded Independent People £11,500 from the Targeted Positive Activities fund.

Homeless young people in Bristol are planning to make a positive step forward in their lives thanks to the award of £11,500. The funding is part of Bristol City Council’s Targeted Positive Activities initiative which aims to make sure that vulnerable young people in Bristol are able to achieve positive outcomes in their lives. The funding will make sure that young homeless people in the city can take part in positive opportunities that would otherwise be far from their reach. What we will spend the money on... Independent People’s Youth Involvement Workers will be working with the young people to plan the activities, which will include sports, mountain biking, climbing and a residential trip. There is also help for young homeless people to make their own music CD so that they can take the message about youth homelessness to people in Bristol and further afield. Independent People are currently recruiting a Youth Involvement Worker to work with the young people on the project. Jamie Gill, Service Improvement Director at Independent People said, “ One of the reasons why our activities like music, sports, mountain biking and climbing can make such a difference is that our Youth Involvement Workers involve young people at every stage in planning our activities programme. And to deliver this latest new programme we are currently recruiting for a Youth Involvement Worker with the skills and enthusiasm to engage the young homeless people we work with. Anyone that wants to know more about the project or generally about working with us is really welcome to get in touch .” To make a real difference to the young people that take part, every young person who takes part in the activities programme will receive on-going 1:1 support from Independent People - support to take part in the future positive activities in their communities, and advice on moving forwards into college, training and jobs. More information Interested in becoming a Youth Involvement Worker? Read our Careers pages If you'd like to support us - there are so many ways you can. Please read our Support pages

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