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The Legendary 'Half-Beard' Barry

Wednesday 14 September 2016

1625ip's Support Services Manager, aka 'The Legendary Barry', has braved an Epicly Taper'd half-beard, raising over £1500 to support young people at 1625ip

With Autumn fast approaching you might expect the bearded members of our staff to hold on to their extra layer. So when our Support Services Manager Barry offered to shave his beard on September 1 if he could raise £1000 in sponsorship for 1625ip, his friends and colleagues were impressed. And even more so when he promised to shave just half of his beard, and go about his daily routine for a week, if he raised an extra £500 on top of the original target.

Looking a little worried there Bazza...

Smiling bravely.

Getting the feel for his new look.

Jake of Epicly Taper'd - 'The Demon Barber of Park Street'
Just kidding - he's actually so lovely he donated his services in aid of the cause.

Ready to (half) face the world!

Barry was quick to put the whole experience in perspective: 

"I’m totally amazed at the support for this campaign. People were very keen on the half beard thing. I was a bit reluctant – but then I thought – a minor indignity is nothing compared to what young homeless people have to go through."

You can watch the half-beard shaving experience unfold here:

Barry has now surpassed his initial £1500 target, with the current total standing at £1,565. Well done Barry and thank you from everyone here at 1625ip.

For more information:

Contact: Tia Psihogios, Funding and Communication Officer, on tia.psihogios@1625ip.co.uk or 0117 317 8800.

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