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The Clothes Show - South Glos style...

Tuesday 6 April 2010

On 23rd March our South Gloucestershire housing and support team organised a Clothes Show.

On Friday 23 March, the South Glos team at Independent People organised a Clothes Show with young people. Each young person had an allowance to buy interview clothes at matalan in Filton. The money was funding from The Big Stash (South Gloucestershire Council) which the young people had fundraised for themselves last year. Before staff let them loose on the shops – all the young people participated in a workshop on choosing appropriate interview attire. Unable to acquire a mannequin to model the right (and wrong clothes) – South Glos Housing Worker Yasir Yaseen (of Movember fame) was press ganged asked to be a human model. All reports say that the young people enjoyed this even more than Yasir. There followed a trip to Matalan in which the young people got fantastic bargains. In another act of persuasion/ press-ganging, Barry the South Glos Manager was asked to compere the event. With no time to prepare and zero knowledge of clothing – he had no choice other than to don a tutu and wig and talk nonsense. The final part of the event was the clothes show at Filton College. Young people paraded on the catwalk showing off their new outfits – with a few accessories to add to the fun. As well as a lot of fun this was a real opportunity for some young people to prepare themselves better for the world of work and was an all round success. Altogether, the young people were awarded £3000 from The Big Stash, which has been used to give young homeless people the opportunity to get involved in positive activities and build confidence. More information If you'd like more information about the work we do to prevent youth homelessness or if you'd like to fundraise for us or support us please get intouch through our Contacts page.

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