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Tales by the Oven

Friday 18 August 2017

Young people at 1625ip get a taste of authentic Italian pizza making, sharing food and stories by the oven

The lovely folk over at Tales by the Oven invited young people supported by 1625ip to a very special pop up kitchen event last week. The project turns hostels into bespoke pizza restaurants, working with residents to create their favourite pizzas and then sit down to share and enjoy them in a communal environment.

It is run by founders Antonio Danzi and Ben Richardson, who use funds raised from pop up pizza evenings for the public to provide the same opportunity for free for people who are in temporary accommodation; a sustainable way of using food to do something positive.

Tales by the Oven founder Antonio explains what Tales by the Oven is all about:

"Our bottom line is to show residents that anything is possible, particularly when working together in a team of great people. We want to inspire people into doing creative things and eventually into volunteering and work experience opportunities."

The inspiration for the project came from Antonio's experiences growing up, when he would get all the gossip about his large Italian family from his aunts as they cooked. 

"We started with a pizza restaurant as we loved the stories and sharing that come from home cooked authentic Italian food, with pizza guaranteed to get anyone around the table! It's easy to start talking when you both have something in common, like a nice pizza in front of you. Sitting around a table means it's easier to share stories about the day, or other stories. We try to create simple experiences for people who might not sit and share something with others very often."

The young people got involved kneading pizza dough, setting up the space, hanging fairy lights on the walls, taking menu orders, serving food to the table and creating chalk signs to make sure everyone knew where to get a "pizza the action".

Tales by the Oven are hoping to continue to build on their first positive experience working with 1625ip young people, which is definitely something to smile about...

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  • The Tales by the Oven project on their Facebook page (opens in a new window)

For more information please contact:

Tia Psihogios, 1625 Independent People Funding and Communication Officer, tia.psihogios@1625ip.co.uk or

0117 317 8800

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