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Rotary Club puts a spin on Christmas

Tuesday 15 December 2009

The 1625 Independent People Christmas Social was a bit different this year, thanks to the Bristol Bridge Rotary Club, Doughnut Eating Competitions and The Physical Jerks...

A massive thank you goes out to the Bristol Bridge Rotary Club (BBRC)! This year's Christmas Social was attended by over 80 young people who we house or support. A huge thank you to everyone who donated, turned up, span around, helped out and made it happen. The BBRC's hard work and relentless fundraising made sure that every young person at the "do" had a full belly (some more than others after the Donuts) and a smile to go with it and left with a Christmas present! Volunteers from the BBRC and staff from Independent People helped to decorate the hall at Easton Community Centre with traditional decorations and crackers and kicked the night off by hosting a pub-style quiz. One of the questions involved a member of each team doing their "best" breakdancing move and, well, pictures speak louder than words... Never argue with the Games Master!... And then there was the real deal. The Physical Jerks ... Doughnut Eating Competition... Some people clearly taking it more seriously than others... Happy days... There were Christmas Fairies too... And at the end of the night... the clearing up elves? More information If you'd like any more information about the work we do or if you'd like to fundraise for us please read our Support Page or contact the Funding and Communication Officer on 0117 317 8828.

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