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Rolls Royce Group, Controls and Data Services raise £3456.36

Monday 30 March 2015

We'd like to extend our thanks to the Bristol CDS staff for their wonderful donation of £525.00

Rolls Royce Group, Controls and Data Services are a fundraising force to reckoned with. This last year their staff raised £3456.36 !

As well as supporting two nationwide campaigns they were also able to support Brace, Vasculitis UK, British Heart Foundation, Toe in the Water, Guide Dogs and 1625 Independent People.

Pilar-Garcia-Gemma-Morgan.jpgWe'd like to extend our thanks to the Bristol CDS staff for their wonderful donation of £525.00 which will go towards improving services for vulnerable people facing homelessness in and around Bristol.

Our charity was nominated by CDS staff member Jemma Morgan - so we'd especially like to thank Jemma. 1625ip Funding Manager, Pilar Garcia attended a presentation complete with huge cheques (we love those!) and gratefully accepted the donation on our behalf. 

All six charities were present and each gave a short description of how the money would be spent. Afterwards they enjoyed coffee and cake and were able to chat to staff.  

Pilar said
"Not only are the CDS Team relentless fundraisers they were incredibly welcoming and kind, there was a lovely sense of camaradie in their offices. Hearing about the wide range of charities they are supporting was inspiring. So many companies nowadays choose to only support one charity. Why not share the love!"

For further information please contact:
Pilar Garcia, Funding and Communication Manager
Tel:  0117 317 8800 / Fax:  0117 317 8849
Email: pilar.garcia@1625ip.co.uk

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